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UK Immigration 2020 – How To Apply

The United Kingdom is one of the most popular immigration destinations in the world for people who want to live and work in a new country. However, the British immigration system is restricted. After the outcome of the European Union referendum on June 23, 2016 and the decision to leave the European Union, more changes were made to the British visa regime. Recently, the British innovator visa and the British startup visa system were introduced.

In many cases, you must be subject to the UK point-based visa system which assesses applicants according to various criteria designed to assess their eligibility to obtain a work or study visa in the UK. Most work-related visa applications, such as the Level 2 visa system, as well as Level 4 study visa applications, are now submitted through this system.

Since 2010, the UK government has made a series of changes to the UK immigration law to restrict immigration to the UK, especially outside the European Economic Area.

Please see the links below for detailed information on each type of visa.

UK visa system
The British level visa system includes:

Tier 1 visa: This category of visas is for “ high-value immigrants ” outside the European Economic Area and covers the investor visa system of one million pounds sterling and very rare people who fall under the exceptional talent level 1 and Tier 1 visa are exceptional. On March 29, 2019, the British innovative visa system replaced the first-tier entrepreneur visa system.
Level 2 visa: This category is intended for “ skilled workers ” outside the European Economic Area with a job offer in the UK from a Level 2 sponsor. It includes skilled workers who are relocated in the UK by an international company via a Level 2 in-country transfer visa, skilled workers where the shortage is established in the UK, and ministers of religion and athletes.
Level 3 visa: This category is designed for low-skilled workers who fill a temporary shortage of temporary workers. So far, the government has never granted entry visas under this program. Unfortunately, this means that you cannot apply for a Level 3 visa system.
Level 4 visa: This category is for students outside the European Economic Area who want to study in the UK. Applicants must have a place at a registered educational institution in the UK before they can apply.
Level 5 visa: This category includes six sub-levels of temporary workers, including creators, sports, charitable and religious, and a youth mobility program that allows approximately 55,000 young people to work in the UK each year during public holidays.
Other British visas
The UK visa system covers most work, study and investment visas. However, visitor visas, family visas, and some British business visas do not fall under the five levels.

UK work visas: This section covers a number of long-term work visas that do not fall under the UK visa system.
UK Visas: This section contains the information you need to enter the UK as a visitor, whether for business or pleasure.
UK Family Visas: Whether you want to take your family to the UK or join a family member already residing there, this section covers the main UK visa options for families.