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Are you planning to leave your home? Explore the top five emigration destinations

Here is top guide to four global destinations for migration you could examine as a tourists:

The dream of Antipodes has been at the head of the radar of Northern Europe a decade ago, as TV shows, galleries and real estate agents enjoy the desire for a life full of sun and sand. The rapid outbreak of the recession in Australia has seen the dream extend beyond lifestyle choice and is now a career-enhancing choice – if you sell at home and want to invest in it. A booming economy, seek advice from an international specialist. Cash transfers and investments.

A 2009 study of the most “livable” places in the world ranked Canada’s top ten cities, with Vancouver in the first place, closely followed by Toronto in fourth and Calgary in fifth. Like its Australian counterparts, Canadian clouds are heavily influenced by densely populated landscapes and focus on outdoor living. Canada is also working well on its way out of recession and despite the high unemployment rate in 2009, immigration levels have remained the same with skilled workers in demand in areas such as health care, public service and education.

Over decades ago, Spain was a favourite of British immigration, as whole societies grew in Costas. However, since the introduction of the euro and the recent economic turmoil, the country has presented itself as a more difficult proposition, at least for British residents. The real estate boom also had its share of legal disputes, as the state recovered investment and planning permits and ended up with owners with no-value real estate. Historically, Spain is and remains a favourite destination, but anyone looking to immigrate must take care to investigate and plan carefully before making the intercontinental jump.

South Africa
Despite its turbulent past, South Africa is increasingly establishing itself as a viable option for migration – the southern tip of Africa provides a temperate climate and a wide range of landscapes and environments, from deserts and savannahs to mountains and coastal enclaves. Real estate prices are incredibly reasonable, and it is currently experiencing its fastest economic growth since the mid-1980s, and there is increasing pressure on the government to rethink immigration policies to encourage more skilled workers in the country.