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Are you Moving To New Zealand? Jobs In Christchurch

When most people think about immigration, they are drawn to Australia for sun, sea and job opportunities. But if you go 900 miles east, you will reach New Zealand, which offers same Australia, if not more.
In the nineteenth century, New Zealand experienced an explosion of migrants, which helped the country prosper, and in the 1950s it had one of the highest standards of living in the world. With a population of about 4.4 million people, 53% of the population lives in the four largest cities in New Zealand – Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and Hamilton. Christchurch is the largest city on the southern island of New Zealand and is located in the Canterbury region of the island. With a population of about 375,900 people, it makes it the third most populous city in New Zealand. The preferred location for jobs in New Zealand, Christchurch continues to expand employment opportunities with rebuilding civil construction that requires more construction workers to join the workforce.

Construction Sectors

Christchurch requires experienced workers to fill gaps in the most in the demanding civil construction sector, quantitative surveyors, residential project managers and commercial project managers. The request was created from two things – the first is the shortage of indigenous construction workers, and the second is the increase in the number of construction going on in the city. Road and sanitation reforms are underway, as well as a massive increase in residential construction projects. With a massive $ 2.5 million in projects approved, Christchurch is full of roadworks and needs workers to complete the work going on.

The agricultural sector

Christchurch has a large agricultural industry because the city is surrounded by an agricultural country. PGG Wrightson, New Zealand’s largest agricultural company, is headquartered in Christchurch and has a prosperous history of flourishing activities in barley, seed development, wool and meat processing, and dairy production. Dairy farming is labour-intensive, and with the conversion of crops and sheep into dairy products, there are many jobs available in this field. Crops continue in and around Christchurch, wheat and barley are grown for export, and jobs have been created in the manufacturing of these crops. There is also growing high-quality winemaking, as well as the olive and deer cultivation industries.

Commercial sector

Christchurch also has a thriving tourism business, and its proximity to the Southern Alps – a destination for skiers and snowboarders – sees many tourists stop in the city. Christchurch has many hotels, as well as a casino and an international airport, which means that there are often jobs available in these areas as well.
With an 81% year-over-year increase in jobs advertised in the Canterbury area where Christchurch is located, this indicates that Christchurch has never been attractive to people looking to start a new life under it.